Dez Bryant says outburst at reporters caused by racial slur

Dez Bryant's Son Does His Best Dez Bryant Impression
Dez Bryant's Son Does His Best Dez Bryant Impression

The Dallas Cowboys are having to deal with more distractions than they would probably like to be handling right now.

With all the Greg Hardy stuff aside, Dez Bryant captured everyone's attention on Thursday when he went on a profanity-fueled tirade at a reporter in the locker room.

The rant went like this:

After the rant, Dez Bryant finally explained why he was so angry with the reporter, claiming that the media member had used a racial slur when referencing his teammate, Devin Street. According to Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram, the reporter in question, is ESPN's Jean-Jacques Taylor, who is also black.

Bryant accused Jean-Jacques Taylor of ESPN of using the N word in reference in teammate Devin Street. Taylor is black.

That accusation was uncorroborated by any members of the media within earshot, though Bryant was backed up by Street.

If Bryant wasn't already happy enough about the incident, he then went off on Robert Klemko for reporting the incident in the locker room.

Bryant didn't calm down until coach Jason Garrett came in and escorted him out of the locker room.

"They are dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty," Bryant yelled to Garrett. "They are all dirty coach, especially him (Klemko)."

After the great big ordeal with reporters, Bryant finally took to Twitter to explain why he acted the way that he did.

"Yeah I blew up on the media but report why I blew up on yall...Saying I don't give a (expletive) about me calling players (the n word) is not professional," Bryant tweeted.

He would also go on to tweet out the following after that.

If someone used a racial slur, it is absolutely easy to understand why Dez Bryant was angry with the whole situation. His team is 2-6 and has enough issues to worry about. It's easy to see why it set him off and he absolutely has the right to not be happy with a racial slur being used in reference to one of his teammates.

As for being mad at another reporter for reporting on the incident at hand, that's a little different, as that reporter was just doing his job to keep people informed.

The good news is that it sounds like Bryant has cooled down and can now focus on getting back to football and more importantly helping his Cowboys climb out of a hole in the NFC East.

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