Determined cat occupies British supermarket shelf like he owns the place

Cat Won't Leave Supermarket, Parks Itself in Junk Food Aisle
Cat Won't Leave Supermarket, Parks Itself in Junk Food Aisle

LONDON — We all know that cats secretly control the world, so if one decides to wander into its local supermarket and make a temporary home on one of the shelves, who are we to stop it?

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The grouchy cat in the picture below was photographed on Wednesday by Jenny Stevens, in a local Sainsbury's in South London, UK. Jenny explained in her tweet that even the store's security guards hadn't managed to deter it.

Inevitably, the jokes weren't far behind.

Someone else then chipped in with a video of the same cat strollling around the shop, as if he owned the place.

The deputy manager of the Sainsbury's store in question, Georgios Michalaris, told Mashable the cat belongs to the people living next door.

"When they left it outside the cat came in the shop and sat on the shelf," he said. Staff at the store tried to remove the cat but it wouldn't leave.

Michalaris said that one of his colleagues eventually managed to pick the cat up and return it to its rightful home.

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