Boys saved from bear attack thanks to trusty and courageous dachshund

Small Dog Saves Boys From Black Bear Attack
Small Dog Saves Boys From Black Bear Attack

The smaller the dog, the bigger the bark.

Two boys in a small Russian village were being attacked by a large black bear, when Tosya, a small dachshund, came to their rescue and started barked to scare the bear away.

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Stas Nagornov, eight, and Nikita Nikonov, 12 had left a small village in east Russia when the bear decided to pounce. The boys told The Siberian Times that the bear first attacked Stas.

%shareLinks-quote="The bear threw him to the ground, began to trample him, bite him. He grabbed his head, then shoulder and back. I watched - and ran at the bear. I didn't think about myself or what would happen. I just wanted to save my friend." type="quote" author="Nikita Nikonov" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Trying to help save his friend, Nikita did whatever he could to distract the bear, even throwing a stone at its head. Once the bear let go of Stas, that's when the muscle arrived, Tosya the dachshund.

According to the Siberian Times, the dog successfully diverted the bear's attention from the boys and started to chase the dog into the woods. Luckily, the dog was able to dodge the bear and made it home without a scratch.

Check out the video below of a french bulldog scaring away a few black bears!

Watch a Fearless French Bulldog Scare Away Three Bears
Watch a Fearless French Bulldog Scare Away Three Bears

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