Apparently, gelatin can cure a hangover and help prevent colds

Apparently, Gelatin Can Cure a Hangover
Apparently, Gelatin Can Cure a Hangover

Remember this bright, colorful, jiggly stuff you probably used to eat all the time as a kid (you know, those JELL-O snack packs tucked in your school lunches)? Well, now we know it can potentially help you solve an adult problem.

Yeah, gelatin cures hangovers, apparently. And helps prevent colds.

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"Gelatin boosts your immune system because it's packed with amino acids, calcium and magnesium," a Fox News anchor said.

Here's where it gets a bit gross. Gelatin is generally made from boiling bones or animal hides. That, in turn, breaks down collagen -- which is a protein. Then, that collagen cools and re-forms into -- ta-da! -- gelatin.

Daily Mail pointed to a nutritionist who said, "This confirms what all our grandmothers knew instinctively."

People have been on this gelatin-is-good-for-you train for years.

To quell that age-old rumor, it's not made from boiling hooves. Although, bones may not really be much better.

But, there you have it. Cheers?

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