5 times Ryan Gosling made us swoon

Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling!
Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling!

Ryan Gosling, the dreamiest of dream boats, turns 35 today. So, we decided to celebrate the actor's greatest gift ... his ability to give us the feels.

This is 5 times Ryan Gosling made us swoon:

1. For many of us, our real sexual awakening was when Ryan Gosling built a house and told the world it wasn't over in 'The Notebook'.

2. Gosling managed to get even swoonier than all the swoons when it turned out that he and actress Rachel McAdams took their on screen fairytale love-story into the real world.

3. It isn't all mushy love stories --- nope his sense of humor is even swoon-worthy. Like the time became an internet sensation for wearing a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkin on it - who then wore a t-shirt with Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkin on it. And the cycle broke the internet

4. We couldn't help but become a puddle of swoons in 2011 when he went on Jimmy Fallon with his dog George. Who had a full body dog mohawk, ate apples and wore a sock for his hot-spot.

5. And, finally, Gosling made us seriously swoon when he joined vine for one simple reason. To eat his cereal. The actor's vine was to honor late vine star Ryan McHenry the creator of the meme "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal."

Happy birthday to the greatest thing to come out of Canada since poutine -- Ryan Gosling you'll always make us swoon.

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