Veterans reveal harrowing truths about post-war life

The purpose of Veterans Day is to commemorate all that have served in America's wars.

Although the media portrayal of a veteran's experience is one of love, respect and pride, that is not necessarily the reality of their post-war lives. While they return from national and international battles expecting to be taken care of by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA), veterans do not always get taken care of in the way we might expect for revered war heroes.

Several post-war veterans took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express their harrowing grievances with the VA.

Non-combat veterans face afflicting aftermath post-war, too:

Sometimes, the people who are supposed to be the most caring professionals are the ones who let you down the most:
I really hate being at the VA hospital....hate the way the staff treats most of the patients here

Taking life-threatening problems seriously is a must for authority figures:
I told the VA I was having thoughts of harming others and didn

PTSD is not a condition that can be treated without sensitivity and careful attention:

Most people would never have guessed some of the truths about post-war veteran life:
Why is it as combat vets we are deemed as second class citizens. The VA is a joke and the veteran unemployment rate is almost 4x civilians

Even if you're not a professional physician, your feelings about your own mind and body should be taken seriously:
I hate going to the VA... It always seems to take forever to be seen just to be told there is nothing wrong with me... even though i know my body it

Getting no response when you call for help can lead to a dangerous downward spiral:
I have PTSD. I need someone to talk with. The VA keeps transfering my calls to dead end lines. This is what we are worth.

It's important not to group veterans together as a statistic rather than considering their individual needs:

You can't always see the physical effects of a war:
I went into the army with perfect hearing. Now I

Although it's hard to be ignored when you need help, it's a great feeling to know you can help yourself:
After two entire days of panic attacks, I finally feel better. No thanks to the VA. Its just sad that they are the ones I

For more issues veterans have with the VA, check out Whisper.​

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