Veterans Day: Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down opens up about his time in the US Navy

What Veterans Day Means To Veterans
What Veterans Day Means To Veterans

Once U.S. troops return home, they often battle homelessness, PTSD and difficulty finding work. However, there are signs that new programs are helping America's vets get back on their feet faster.

"Although nearly 50,000 veterans call our nation's streets home on a given night, this represents a more than 30 percent decrease in veteran homelessness in less than five years," says Baylee Crone, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. "Our ability to respond rapidly has improved dramatically."

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While this is a positive trend, Crone and many other experts still urge all Americans to lend a hand to the troops.

As America takes a moment to recognize the sacrifices of veterans, is diving deeper into the issues veterans face after deployment and having our troops share their own stories.

Chris Henderson, of famed rock band 3 Doors Down, is a proud U.S. Navy veteran and gives back by supporting the #DayForTheBrave.

#DayForTheBrave is the first national veteran-focused day of giving, a day to show U.S. troops and veterans appreciation and respect. Around 200 veteran organizations -- including the Wounded Warrior Project, the USO and the Fisher House -- will be working together to raise more than $1 million in just 24 hours for troops. You too can get involved here.

See photos of Chris Henderson and his 3 Doors Down bandmates: What or who inspired you to get involved with supporting U.S. veterans?

Chris Henderson: I come from a long line of veterans and a very patriotic family. My grandfather was a Navy PBY pilot in WWII and my father an Air Force veteran. I grew up knowing I would serve one day, and I did join the U.S. Navy. I would have stayed in until retirement if it wasn't for 3 Doors Down getting signed to a record deal.

%shareLinks-quote="Most of the veterans I know and have met, continue to give back and help our brothers and sisters in any way they can." type="quote" author="Chris Henderson" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"% What have you been most surprised to learn about veterans from your interactions with them?

Chris Henderson: I'm most surprised by the continuing drive to serve our country. Most of the veterans I know and have met, continue to give back and help our brothers and sisters in any way they can. There is an honor among us that can't be broken. What are the most rewarding experiences you've had so far with veterans and their families?

Chris Henderson: My most rewarding experiences with veterans have been the camaraderie and friendships I've developed over the years. We all have a lot in common. Not only from when we served, but now later in life. How can everyday Americans who don't have the privilege of being closely related to a veteran give back and show their support?

Chris Henderson: There are many wonderful programs out there that support our veterans and their families after they return from overseas. Many of them come back changed forever! You can give or volunteer to one of these wonderful programs. I guarantee you will be glad you did.

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