Moderator's brooch steals the spotlight at Republican debate

Moderator's Brooch Steals the Spotlight at Republican Debate
Moderator's Brooch Steals the Spotlight at Republican Debate

The star of the recent Republican debate might not have been on stage at all. Instead, a lot of talk on social media focused on moderator Maria Bartiromo's brooch.

Some on Twitter even compared it to the Mockingjay pin from "The Hunger Games" -- or at least what "Hunger Games" actor Josh Hutcherson wore recently on the red carpet.

Getty/Fox Business
Getty/Fox Business

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Others compared Bartiromo's look to Harry Potter –– albeit one of Lord Voldemort's horcruxes.

Maybe the best comparison was to the ultimate jewelry-candy crossover: the Ring Pop.

The Democrats have the next debate on Nov. 14, and it'll be interesting to see if any candidates show up with a little bling themselves.

See photos from Tuesday's Republican debate:

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