Man stabs wife to death when she asks for divorce

Nigel Henderson, 52, allegedly stabbed his wife Stacey, 35, to death when she told him that she was leaving him for another man.

Police report that they found her suitcase sitting at the foot of their stairs when they broke into the couple's home.

According to the coroner, Henderson attacked his wife in "a fit of rage" after finding out that she wanted a divorce. Although she tried to defend herself, she suffered several wounds to her hands and arms, later to be stabbed to death in her chest and heart.

When Stacey fell to the ground unconscious, Henderson turned the knife on himself.

"On numerous occasions I witnessed them arguing," says Stacey's mother, Marilyn Davies, "which sometimes became physical."

Stacey Henderson worked as a barmaid at a local pub, where she met the man for whom she wanted to leave her husband. The night before her death, she discussed the situation with her mother, who advised her not to confide in Nigel.

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"I knew he wouldn't take it very well," says Davies.

Tragically, Henderson's violent demise was not a complete shock to friends and family. Nigel's brother Stephen says that Nigel was a "depressive who had tried to commit suicide on a number of previous occasions with drug overdoses."

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Stacey Henderson's family has released a statement that "Stacey was a wonderful daughter, sister, stepmother, and aunt."

"She will never be forgotten and will always be dearly loved and greatly missed."

This tragic story involves a 14-year-old girl accused of stabbing her sister to death:

14-Year-Old Accused of Stabbing Sister to Death
14-Year-Old Accused of Stabbing Sister to Death

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