DeMarcus Cousins cussed out George Karl in front of team

Rajon Rondo Says He's Already Arguing with New Coach
Rajon Rondo Says He's Already Arguing with New Coach

The Sacramento Kings are in danger of losing their season before Thanksgiving even rolls around.

At 1-7, the Sacramento Kings are off to another terrible start and the winds of change appear to be on the forefront yet again for the franchise. Long has been rumored the dissension between head coach George Karl and center DeMarcus Cousins, and now it appears it is finally reaching a boiling point.

According to The Big Lead, after the Sacramento Kings dropped another game to theSan Antonio Spurs on Monday night, Cousins reportedly went and cussed out Karl in front of the entire team.

After Sacramento was hammered at home by San Antonio Monday night, the Kings' star, DeMarcus Cousins, stormed into the locker room and cursed out head coach George Karl with a torrent of obscenities, a person close to the situation told The Big Lead.

After Cousins unleashed the F-bombs on Karl, all the head coach – who publicly feuded with the Kings best player last summer – could do was walk away, a source tells The Big Lead. Afterward, Cousins felt some remorse for his actions, asking a couple of teammates if he came down too hard on the coach. They calmly told him, "you can't scream and curse like that at your coach in front of everyone."

Eight games in and what has long been believed to be a tenuous situation, is only appearing to get worse for the Sacramento Kings. After an off-season, where the Kings made an abundance of strange roster decisions, including selling their future away in the forms of draft picks to the Philadelphia 76ers, and it looks like everything is beginning to blow back up in their face.

Starting off by losing seven of eight is never a good feeling, and for Sacramento, a franchise that has struggled to be competitive for a decade, it makes things even harder as once again the future of Kings basketball looks bleak.

The star player they could take refuge in, is beginning to reach his wits end and that's not a good sign of things to come. Can Karl and Cousins co-exist? It's becoming less and less likely by the day.