Baby monitor footage shows toddler singing 'Star Wars' in her crib


"Star Wars" fans are literally freaking out all over the world with the approach of the latest chapter from the saga that became a cross-generational cult. YouTube user Jonathan H. Liu posted a video showing footage from a baby monitor he placed in his toddler's crib. Jonathan claims that the family had recently watch "Star Wars" and the 2-year-old kid enjoyed it so much that, at bedtime, she started singing the ultra famous tunes that make for one of the most iconic soundtracks in the history of cinema.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" made the news earlier this week, when a terminally ill man was granted the chance to watch the movie before its official release:

Star Wars Fan Behind #ForceForDaniel Passes Away At Age 32
Star Wars Fan Behind #ForceForDaniel Passes Away At Age 32

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