5 Victoria's Secret models on breaking their diets


Whether you're in the company of models or mere mortals, food is often a dicey subject or worse — remember when Adriana Lima plugged her rigid all-liquid diet? Maybe they were mindful of their fellow Angel's misstep, or maybe they'd all received media training, but either way, the models backstage at Victoria's Secret this year weren't keen to laud the merits of a pre-show fast. They were, however, eager to broadcast what they plan to eat after the show. Here's what five models had to say on breaking their diets:

"If I'm going to stuff myself with something after the show: It's going to be a big, greasy piece of cheese pizza." —Devon Windsor

"I'm going to eat a big plate of pasta. I've been eating a lot of salads, which is good, but you can't eat cheese and things like that." —Leila Nda

"French fries!" —Ming Xi

"Sweet-potato fries, a vegan hot-fudge sundae, margaritas, and avocado toast." —Bridget Malcolm

"I still eat pizza, and cake, and chocolate, and candy [before the show], but I don't eat it every day or in crazy amounts. And after the show I'm just happy it's over because of the stress." —Taylor Hill

Models! They're just like us.