Watch what happens to an iPhone when you do a burnout on it


You may have seen all kinds of stress tests on iPhones. They have been shot, submerged, blended, microwaved and used in an incredible number of extreme conditions, but this is a first. Someone tested how one of these devices handles a burnout. YouTube channel TechRax placed an iPhone 6 into a custom designed frame that holds the device in place while a biker places the back wheel on top of it. After making sure the iPhone is on, the bike's engines start pumping and the wheel spins on top of the device, producing a lot of smoke from the friction.

Surprisingly, when the phone is taken out of the frame, the screen seems to sill be working, even though two giant stains of rubber seem to have destroyed half of the display. You now know that in the unfortunate event of dropping your iPhone in front of a show-off biker, the device will probably survive the mistreatment.

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Always On Episode 16: Torture Testing the iPhone 5

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