This shovel-wielding pantsless French man is the newest Internet sensation



When a farmer in France saw anti-bird poaching activists in his yard, he did what anyone else would do -- he ran outside in his underwear and chased them away with a shovel.

It's only the logical thing to do, right?

The protesters were part of a French environmental protection organization named LPO (La Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux), which came together on Monday to condemn the illegal killing of a special type of finch, according to The Local.

French news outlet La Parisien reported that the activists were taking down traps set for birds in a cornfield when "a local resident came out of his house armed with a shovel."

Now, online photos of the shovel-wielding incident have thrust the Frenchman in the spotlight, making him the Internet's newest viral sensation.

One photo of the beloved "Shovel Guy," generated more attention than others.


The image of the farmer staring directly at the camera had thousands of social media users raving on Monday afternoon.

CBC explains it perfectly:

The situation captured in the photo may have been serious, but many found it hilarious nonetheless – chiefly due to shovel man's outfit (or lack thereof.)

It wasn't long before the image was spread around the Internet and photoshopped into oblivion by social media users, who dubbed the incident #SlipGate on Twitter.

Although his name is not known, it appears our French hero has lived quite a life:

He fought alongside 13th-century Scottish hero William Wallace in Braveheart.

He's lived in the depths of the Amazon with his best friend, Tarzan.

He fought Breaking Bad's Walter White in the middle of the desert.

He even joined King Arthur on his quest for the Holy Grail!

He learned his combat skills in a galaxy far, far away.

Watch out, Drake, because our French hero has some fresh moves of his own.

It's hard to say where we will see Shovel Guy next, but we are pretty sure he will think twice next time he leaves his house without pants.

See more photos of the bizarre sequence of events:

Shovel Guy joins the ranks of other acclaimed memes, like this girl who looks absolutely traumatized to be holding an owl:

'Girl Unhappily Holds an Owl' Meme Is Making Us All Very Happy
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