Kitchen decor trick that will help you lose weight

Kitchen Décor Trick That Will Help You Lose Weight

Who knew that how you decorate your kitchen could actually affect your weight? Yep, it's true. According to a fascinating new study at Cornell university, having a bowl of fruit on your counter can help to keep you fit and trim!

For the study, out of 500 women who were surveyed, those who kept a fresh fruit display on their counters were on average 13 pounds less than those who had anything else displayed on their kitchen countertop.

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In fact, fruit was the only object associated with a lower BMI. Even toasters resulted in a slightly heavier body weight. And that's not all. Scientists also concluded that countertop items most associated with weight gain, of course, were displays of candy, cereal and soda.

The lesson here is 'out of sight, out of mind.' It all has to do with your willpower. Because if cookies or candy or any other junk food are always staring at you from the counter, you're probably going to eat them. So you may want to keep all of that tucked away in your cupboards, and go ahead, buy a chic new bowl for your kitchen counter and fill it up with as much fresh fruit as it can hold.

So get healthier with a new bowl. These three versions are totally gorgeous:

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