Jeb Bush on killing baby Hitler: 'Gotta do it'

Jeb Bush On Why He'd Kill Baby Hitler
Jeb Bush On Why He'd Kill Baby Hitler

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) belatedly weighed in on the "baby Hitler" debate in an interview published Monday by The Huffington Post.

The New York Times Magazine briefly lit Twitter on fire last month by asking its readers whether they would kill an infant Adolf Hitler to alter history.

For his part, Bush had a clear answer: "Hell yeah, I would!"

In The Huffington Post's video, someone asked the Republican presidential candidate if he still would extinguish the future dictator knowing that he could be "really cute."

"You gotta step up, man," Bush replied.

He then mused about the negative effects of time travel and changing history.

"The problem with going back in history and doing that is, as we know from the series -- what's the name of the Michael Fox movies? -- 'Back to the Future,' could have a dangerous effect on everything else," he continued. "But I'd do it. I mean, Hitler."

Bush confirmed how he'd handle the hypothetical on Twitter:

Gotta do it.

See photos of Bush on the campaign trail:

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