People share gut wrenching, real stories of undergoing chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a radioactive medical procedure used to help treat cancer and many other life-threatening diseases. Receiving the treatment is often aggressive, exhausting and sickening in itself.

It's hard enough to face family, friends and strangers with the challenging side effects of chemo, including hair loss and pale complexion, but the emotional and inner-physical struggle that goes along with chemotherapy can feel truly impossible. Trying to stay strong for yourself and others is hard when feeling so emotionally and physically weak.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to speak out on the real struggle of going through chemotherapy.

No matter how hard it is to go through this process, it is important to remember that all of the loved ones surrounding you support you no matter how you feel, and are rooting for your health.

It may begin to feel like your responsibility to protect others from the emotional hardship of your disease:
This chemo is kicking my butt. I can

When you have people who love you, being sick isn't just your journey:
My chemotherapy isn

You learn to appreciate the little things when you lose the ability to do them:
I hate how much energy chemo takes from me. Would give a lot just to get my energy back and go back to work full time.

The aggressive form of treatment makes it necessary to put certain life decisions on hold:

Chemotherapy can often feel like a waiting game -- will it work?
I started chemotherapy again today. It

No one is safe from the side effects of chemotherapy:
I have to get dentures because the chemo has weakened my teeth so bad they just keep crumbling... I

It might seem like you can't reveal to your loved ones how hopeless you feel:
I had chemo today. I tell everyone I

Cancer is not the only disease that drives people to chemotherapy:
When people assume I

You need to forgive yourself for not doing certain things for the sake of your health:
I have cancer and can

The anticipation of the treatment may feel dark and daunting:

Hair loss isn't the only negative result of chemotherapy -- it can hurt a lot:
It hurts so bad, the targeted chemotherapy has stopped working and spread. My body feels like its on fire.

The fear of what's to come can often be as crippling as actually experiencing it:
My second session of chemotherapy is coming up and I

Cancer can be a repetitive disease, and knowing what you're going to face can be depressing:
I went into remission from leukemia a year and a half ago. A month ago i found out it had relapsed. My hair had just grown back and now that I

For more heartbreaking truths about going through chemo, check out Whisper.​

Watch this video to find out more about diseases other than cancer that might require chemo:

Selena Gomez Is Undergoing Chemotherapy for Lupus

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