OnlyOnAOL: Gigi Hadid on staying sexy, being fit and keeping her cool

Gigi Hadid VS Fashion Show
Gigi Hadid VS Fashion Show


We all know today's model of the moment: Gigi Hadid.

The fresh-faced California girl and Kendall Jenner BFF is walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which draws the creme de la creme of the catwalk world.

And lucky us, we got to hang with her during dress rehearsal.

To put it simply, Hadid is lovely. On the outside, she's a stunner. On the inside, she's poised, polite and friendly. Surrounded by chaos backstage, the young model could have easily been flustered, stressed out or even cranky, but Hadid seemed completely at ease and was happy to chat (and take selfies!).

Yes, she's psyched about being in the VS show.

Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

"It's insane," Hadid said of her opportunity to walk in the show, which she only found out about a week and a half ago. "I'm so excited," she said.

And ready to prepare: "I've been doing two-a-day workouts every day, so boxing and ballet, and just trying to sleep as much as I can."

You heard it from us: her efforts paid off. She couldn't have looked better!

Despite Hadid's striking beauty, though, she's a lot like us. When asked what must-haves she carries in her purse every day, she laughed, saying, "Not much! I think it's just my wallet, my keys, my favorite lipstick, charger and headphones." Her favorite lipstick, for the record, is Maybelline Matte Nude -- Hadid is a brand ambassador for Maybelline.

Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Her holiday wish list was pretty normal, too: "Honestly, after a year I usually forget what people got me for Christmas," she said, "but I always keep cards. I have a folder in my house with every card everyone's ever written me, tickets from concerts, all that stuff. I usually remember that stuff because I always go back every couple months and look through it."

What did we tell you? Heart. Of. Gold. The 20-year-old fashionista may have it all, but what she cherishes most are the experiences she has with family and friends, like going to concerts, and their words of well-wishing. Could she be any more wonderful?!

On a more superficial note, however, Hadid does happen to be one of the most stylish stars in the world these days. Known for mixing top-tier designer gear with street-savvy sporty style, the outfits she steps out in are nothing short of uber chic.

Want Gigi's perfectly imperfect style for yourself? Shop her looks below:

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