'Apres Ski' stars Bobby Crowder and Charlotte Fenton dish on swanky clients and crazy adventures


Clearly aware of our insatiable craving for unscripted television, Bravo TV served up an extra dose of drama on November 2 with the premiere of the highly anticipated new reality show, "Apres Ski," following the "Vanderpump Rules" season 4 premiere.

Set in the incomparable Canadian ski town of Whistler, British Columbia, "Apres Ski" features a lavish travel concierge startup business and its quest to become the hottest - and thus most exclusive - destination for the rich and famous. Joey Gibbons, a Canadian hospitality mogul, spearheaded the company that takes tourism to an entirely new level. From heli-skiing to hot spring spa treatments and ultimate fine dining, this concierge business is one for the books...and TV screens.

Of course, what would a television-worthy concierge business be without a highly capable - and entertaining - staff? From laid-back mountain-dwellers Jim Sced and Lynsey Dyer to longtime BFFs Charlotte Fenton and Bobby Crowder and city girl Kendra Larkin, the crew, who all live together under one roof, is bound to get stirred up a bit. Top it off with highly demanding, stiletto-sporting boss Elise Wims and you have the absolute dream reality cast.

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After only two episodes, we're already completely hooked. We foresee a budding romance between Jim and Lynsey, a client-charmer in the works with Bobby and a potential alliance between Kendra and Elise.

While our predictions might not be spot-on, we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Bobby and Charlotte to discuss some upcoming highlights to get excited about. We talked all things "Apres Ski" from first impressions and biggest challenges to crazy clients and crazier adventures.

You two were best friends before taking jobs at Gibbons Life. You clearly know each other better than anyone. What's one thing about each other that hasn't necessarily been portrayed on the show so far?

Charlotte: Bobby has his quiet side. I feel like everyone sees his little inner animal, but he has another side that will not get out of bed and needs petting. It's usually when he's more hungover.

Bobby: It's hilarious that she said that because I was basically going to say the same thing about her. She doesn't need to be pet, but she definitely has an emotional side that she doesn't show people. She's a crier.

Charlotte: Okay, wait a minute. I cry during movies that shouldn't make me cry.

Bobby: She was crying watching "South Paw" for the third time! It's a movie about boxing. So yeah, she doesn't show the crying side to everybody.

Bobby, you've made a reputation for yourself as irresistibly charming. Charm is obviously an important quality in the entertainment, nightlife and now concierge industries. Is this a learned trait or something that just comes naturally to you?

Bobby: It's definitely natural to me. I just find it so much easier to connect with someone and do my job when I'm just my genuine self. That's definitely what I did with this and it worked.

Charlotte, you grew up taking ski trips to Whistler with your family. What are some main differences between those ski trips and the ones you now help plan at Gibbons Life?

Charlotte: Night and day! Growing up going to Whistler, I definitely wasn't taking helicopters around and being super extravagant. It was very down to the bare bones. We'd even pack our lunches for the ski days. It was very pure. Now I mean it's just total polar opposite. The level of extravagance in these trips we're planning is a whole different level of experience for sure.

What would you say is the biggest challenge of your job?

Bobby: If clients are being very demanding, which they often are, it's very hard to just be like "I'll get right on that!" instead of being like "Are you f****** kidding me? Why are you asking me for this and why are you asking for it in that way? I am a person."

Charlotte: It makes such a difference when you do connect with the clients in a good way. Just being on is definitely a challenge. Sometimes you're so tired and the last thing you want to be doing is running around and grabbing drinks and stuff.

Bobby: Even like in the premiere when I was running back and forth in my underwear. I was actually really happy about that so it wasn't that demanding (laughs), but Jim would've been like absolutely not. He would never do that.

What's it like to work for Elise, who isn't used to the low-key mountain life?

Bobby: I find it very tough to work for Elise. I know how to handle her, but it's very tough to work for her. She tells you what to do instead of asks you, and she yells it. She's very verbal.

Charlotte: It's like a full-time job just handling her. It's a challenge to try to operate around her people skills. Behind closed doors in the office I can deal with it, but it's a liability because when she talks to clients we never know what she's going to say. If it's to us, we can handle it, but if it's to a client, that's another issue.

Just from the premiere alone, it became somewhat clear what each person's reputation will be. However, is there someone who's surprised you and didn't end up matching your first impression?

Bobby: To be honest, given how Kendra talks and how good she is at her job, I thought she'd be more outgoing. But the second we got home it was the complete opposite and she wasn't very social at all. That was a surprise for me.

Charlotte: I think a struggle she foreshadowed coming into the whole thing is that she's an only child coming into a house with a group of people. For everyone that was a challenge, but for her especially she foresaw that being a big challenge. And I think it was in a lot of ways for her. I think for the most part, everyone was pretty spot on with our first impressions.

Bobby: Well, Jim was a bit more of a diva than I expected. I just find him to be a little bit of a diva. Not in a bad way! I thought I was going to be the diva, but in a professional setting he's very particular about how things are done and I would've thought he'd be more laid back. Whereas I'm like "Oh you want me in my underwear? Let's do it." So that was a little surprising.

What's the biggest difference between what we see on camera and what's happening off camera?

Bobby: I wouldn't say there's a huge difference off camera.

Charlotte: It's all pretty real time. What we're saying is what we're saying and it's how we feel.

Bobby: I find it's very authentic. By the time the cameras are off we're so tired and want to go to bed, so basically you're seeing all of us all the time.

Charlotte: You're definitely seeing everything. That really is all the stuff that happened.

What's it like to work at Gibbons Life while starring in a show about it? Do you ever have trouble separating the social side from the professional?

Bobby: I wouldn't say I have trouble separating the two. The job is very social and we basically just do whatever the clients want. If the clients want us to have a drink with them, we have a drink with them! Let's just say I love it.

Charlotte: I think it was kind of crazy because it was such a new situation with the startup. We all kind of jumped in head-first. And then on top of that there are cameras everywhere. So I think that definitely added more pressure just to make it a success. We're taking a risk and literally filming all the mistakes along the way. So that was kind of looming over us. So there was some pressure on us for sure.

What has been your absolute favorite moment - either on or off camera - at Gibbons Life so far?

Bobby: I would say when Char and I went bungie jumping together.

Charlotte: We went tandem.

Bobby: We were both hooked into the harnesses and we were joined at the chest. I had to pick her up and then she held on. She went backwards and I had to walk us off the edge of the bridge.

Charlotte: It was so fun! It was a metaphor! Just the two of us jumping off the bridge together. The clients went first and then when we finished Bobby and I got to go after.

Do you ever get a break from filming? What do you do during your days off?

Bobby: We filmed five days a week and got two days off. For our days off, we'd go for walks and hikes on these trails behind the house.

Charlotte: And we went for big lunches and dinners a lot. I would go down and visit my boyfriend in Vancouver and he came up a few times. But we were honestly so exhausted whenever we had time off that we would just sleep for half the day. It was some much needed downtime.

Did you all spend this free time together or were there pretty clear cliques that formed?

Bobby: It was usually just the two of us but sometimes Jim and Lindsay would join us.

Charlotte: Jim and Lindsay did everything together, Bobby and I did everything together. So I guess that's kind of cliquey.

Bobby: It was definitely a little cliquey, which you'll see. It's just bound to happen, especially for Char and I since we already knew each other.

Charlotte: And also because we were all working and living together, when we did have time off we wanted to just spend time on our own.

What did a typical night look like for you when you were done with work?

Charlotte: Usually the two of us would get dinner and drinks and then head back to the house where everyone would be. We'd hit the hot tub and have some beers. If we were super faded, we'd download something on a laptop and watch it in bed.

Bobby: Jim, Lynds, Char and I would all pile in the same bed together and watch a downloaded show. It was honestly a lot of fun.

Fame is fairly new for you. Have you had any interesting fan interactions yet?

Bobby: I've had quite a few guys message me just saying that they loved me on the show. It's weird that someone just watched me on a show and can now message me. But nothing's been too weird.

Charlotte: It's crazy with social media how fans can now access you so easily. I'm definitely starting to get more followers every day.

Bobby: I love it.

What's your favorite thing about the fans you've garnered so far?

Bobby: So far, my favorite thing about the fans is that they're kind...so far. I haven't seen anything negative or any hate yet.

Charlotte: I'm sure I'll get some flack for my eyebrows. A lot of people will be like "the tone with the big eyebrows!" But so far it's all been positive. There needs to be a lot of positivity in the world so hopefully people will stay on that train. We'll see!

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Next on #ApresSki: Tensions Mount

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