5-year-old boy uses fire safety lessons to save grandmother from burning house

5-Year-Old Boy Uses Fire Safety Lessons To Save Grandmother From Burning House

A young boy in California was recently honored by the San Bernardino County Fire Department for saving his grandmother and himself after their home caught on fire.

In fact, Nathaniel Stocks had applied the lessons he and other kindergarteners from his school had learned during a trip to the fire station that happened only two days prior.

So when the 5-year-old woke up to the presence of smoke on Saturday, he remembered to crawl on the floor under the smoke to alert his sleeping grandmother.

Firefighters called to the scene found them both safe outside and eventually rescued the family's Chihuahua from a bathroom.

The fire, which was caused by a space heater, was contained, and no injuries were reported.

The boy was presented with a plaque for his heroism by the fire chief.
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