YouTube star iJustine talks her favorite fan gift, her move to LA and more!


It's safe to say anyone can be on YouTube. But not everyone could be a successful YouTube personality.

31-year-old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native Justine Ezarik or iJustine as she is known to her fans, has taken the Internet community by storm with her creative and tech-centric YouTube videos.

iJustine has a whopping 2.448 million subscribers on YouTube; however, that's not the only social media platform where she's the star! The YouTuber has over 1 million followers on Instagram, 1.83 million followers on Twitter and over 1 million likes on her Facebook page. It's pretty clear iJustine is a social media superstar!

From tech videos to cooking tutorials, iJustine has a wide array of great how-to videos. For her, it all started in 2007 when she uploaded a video titled "300-page iPhone bill" which immediately went viral. Her video focused on the unnecessary waste of paper AT&T used to bill its customers.

iJustine has managed to continue her viral video making skills eight years later! We were lucky enough to sit down with iJustine to talk about her career and all things YouTube!

What is it about the tech and social media world that excites you so much?

The instant communication. When I grew up, I grew up in the middle of nowhere I wasn't really able to have access to people, other than like, my family, so being able to just have that access to people, and technology to really change the world is incredible.

I remember the first time I logged onto the Internet, I went to and they had this forum, and it was like the first website I ever went to and I was like "wow, there are other people who like the same things that I do" and they were sharing cheat codes and and I didn't have to wait a month for the new Nintendo magazine or the game codes, I could go and find them myself.

You quit your previous job to make YouTube videos full-time. Was this something you ever dreamed about or imagined happening while you were growing up?​

Basically I should have been homeless for two years, but I sort of made it so I was able to do freelance and what not. When I moved to LA, I had nothing but a computer, a lighting set and a suit case. I was like "well I'm hear, going to figure this out not."

But it was fun because I like not having a set goal, and sort of going with it. If I tried to stick with the goals when I first started doing this, if I would have tried to stick with those, I'd maybe be a video editor for a TV show, and if I stuck with that, that could be what I would be potentially doing. The goals that I've set, I've far exceeded, and I've now went down a completely different path.

Your videos definitely range in topic. What's your favorite type of video to make?​

I love doing all the tech videos, especially unboxings. That's usually my initial reaction to everything, I'm super excited, so getting to unbox a new gadget, so it's so exciting! I also really enjoy cooking. It's just really fun, I'm really bad at it, but it's fun because I get to eat what I make. I'd say unboxing video and cooking videos are the most favorite.

What's your favorite thing about your iJArmy?​

They keep me on my toes for sure. I used to be finding these really cool websites, but now they're telling me about cool websites before I can find it. They're a great source of information and news, but they are also so much fun. These people are so funny, like the memes, and the things they come up with like the things they screen shot from my videos, wow, like you guys are funny.

What's your favorite gift from a fan?

A lego Steve Jobs, I was crying my eyes out, I couldn't believe it. And then these two other, they're brothers. They'd make lego mini figures of me and my sister. Every conference they'd come with the little lego figure and different outfits, it's incredible.

Do you have any new projects or videos in the works for fans to get excited about?​

Yeah, I did a really fun 360 video, it's a virtual reality video that should be out very soon. You could take your phone and sort of go through exactly what Im doing. It's a really fun video because it's when I first came to LA, it sort of followed the footsteps of what I did when I had my first visit here when I had the realization when I first wanted to move here. You get to sort of see that process and like "this is where I was when I decided 10 years ago, that I wanted to move here and I'm sort of back here in the same spot thinking, alright, what's next?"

Check out more from our interview with iJustine in the video below!

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