Women wanted for 'twerking' on man in gas station

'Twerking' Goes Back Almost 200 Years, Dictionary Editors Say
'Twerking' Goes Back Almost 200 Years, Dictionary Editors Say

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Two Washington, D.C. women are wanted for allegedly "twerking" on a man. Police have released video footage of two women accused of sexually abusing a man in a D.C. convenience store on Oct. 7.

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The footage posted by D.C. police shows the women "invading the space of a man," as he looks extremely uncomfortable.

As reported by local CBS affiliate WTVR, "the first woman backs up on him and starts grinding and he quickly moves away from her, but another woman slides up and appears to touch him several times, moving towards his money and phone. He keeps moving away from both women. The woman in red also puts her arm around him and he steps forward to try and shake her off."

D.C. Metropolitan Police are now urging the public to report on information on these women, as they are both facing third degree sexual abuse charges.

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