There's a GoFundMe to pay for Kyle Flood's buyout

AP: Can Kyle Flood, Rutgers Recover?
AP: Can Kyle Flood, Rutgers Recover?

It's a longshot and pokes fun at a more serious issue, but it looks like it'll take $1.5 million to buyout Kyle Flood as Rutgers football head coach. According to Collegespun earlier yesterday (Nov. 8, 2015) there is a GoFundMe campaign going on whose sole purpose is to remove Flood as coach. At this time of publication, more than $5000 has been put down by more than 100 Rutgers fans with one donator ponying up $1000 with the comment, "Flood has blown too many opportunities. It's time for a change."

A glance at their win record (3-6) might not be enough to warrant a change in the guard, but when we look at all the allegations and instances of misconduct, it's clear to see why many Rutgers fans are upset.

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This all comes off of a third straight loss from the Rutgers against Harbaugh's Wolverines earlier this weekend (49-16) that saw the "Rutgers outclassed" by a superior offense and defense.

Earlier this year, Flood was caught circumventing University protocol on the academic eligibilty of one of its players. Flood was subsequently fined for $50,000 and hit with a three game suspension. On top of that, a host of Rutgers football players were booked on charges of home invasion and before that, five players were suspended for breaking team curfews.

According to reports, Flood does seem confident that his name is clear and the University ultimately has his back.

Hopefully that money raised can go to something positive but we won't be all that surprised if enough fans happen to raise enough.

See photos of Kyle Flood's tenure as Rutgers head coach:

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