The investment piece to buy now

By: The Egg Out West

After my travels to Europe, I've decided it's time to up the topcoat game. The topcoat, preferably in wool or with down, is such an important investment piece especially here in the mountains. While i enjoy rocking my ski jackets on and off the slopes, it's time to get real. Read more here on the toggle coat I'm wearing that I've had since only God knows when. Quality investments means closet longevity and who doesn't love that?

Shop a few quality topcoats i've been eyeing below!

First Row: 1) ​Tweed One-Button Coat 2) Wool Melton Toggle Coat 3) Suffolk Stripe Blanket Coat
Second Row: 1) Wool-blend Bouclé Coat 2) Kelsey Down Fill Duffle Jacket 3) Contrast Sleeve Bouclé Coat

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