K.L Cao reveals one product she won't leave house without, what she's working on next, and more

Ever wondered what this self-proclaimed bio nerd's life is really like? We sat down with K.L. Cao to get the scoop on what her glamorously scientific life is really like, what she loves most about her fans, and what amazing plans are in the works.

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As a blogger, Youtuber, and a DIY extraordinaire, Cao has a highly impressive following of "SLOABIES," (Secret Life of A Bio Nerd-ies). Originally from Houston,TX, Cao now calls NYC home, where she continues to dazzle us with her fabulousness. With 676K subscribers on YouTube, 50.1k followers on Instagram, 15.1K followers on Twitter, and 175K likes on Facebook, she is clearly slaying the social media game.

We had the chance to sit down with Cao, believe it or not, she's even sweeter in real life! Check out our conversation here:

What made you decide to start making your YouTube videos?

I was working on my Bachelors in bio, and after being in the lab all day long, i was really tired of using my left brain all day, so i wanted to use my right brain a little bit more, and that's how i started my channel. I really like DIY-ing, and making things with my hands, it made me feel accomplished.

I know you refer to yourself as a "Bio Nerd." When did you first realize that you could fuse both of your passions and combine science with beauty and fashion?

For a while, I actually wanted to become a cosmetic chemist; so it was either pharmacy or med school. I figured I could talk a little bit about the ingredients that went into makeup and what I want to put on my face and what I don't want to put on my face, so that's how I've been able to put the two together. Lately I haven't been doing so much of that, but sometimes I pull the nerdy side out when I have to.

One thing that I find so interesting about you is that you truly seem to share everything with your subscribers, including the details of your rhinoplasty. How come you chose to share these details on your channel?

The thing with my viewers, they notice a lot of things about me. So if I don't talk about it, then there's going to be rumors, and gossip that's going around, and I would just rather be honest. At least that way I'm coming from a place of authenticity...I flat out said, 'this is who I am, this is what I did, these are my choices, and I hope you guys still support me. If not, I understand, everyone has different opinions about these things.

I love how you try to show fans a more realistic outlook on your life in addition to the glamour. What message are you trying to convey by doing that?

It takes a village to look like this (laughs). But I think this is great, my pink hair is fun, but there's a part of me where I like to just lounge around all day and be a complete slob. That's real, that's normal, and I think it's easier to relate to people on that level, because not everyone has the time to wake up and dye their hair pink, or blow dry it out, or do their makeup for an hour.

What's one product you'll never leave the house without?

Sunscreen! I will never leave the house without sunscreen. It keeps you young, the sun ages you. Even if I'm at home editing, I still have sunscreen on. Trapped on an island? Sunscreen. Shipwrecked? Sunscreen.

What is your absolute favorite thing about your fans?

There are so many things, but probably that they're so quirky and witty. Sometimes I'll make a pun about something, and they all would get it, and they would add upon those puns. It's so funny, everyone is telling me that I'm their spirit animal these days, and I'm like 'what's a spirit animal?' And I actually had to Google it, and I'm like 'Ohhh, got it. That's awesome.'

Do you have any new projects or videos in the works for fans to get excited about?

Oh my gosh, I'm working on so many things right now. I'm working with Revlon on a project, and they're really cool. I get to try out their foundation, which I'm wearing and I'm loving it!

Check out this video below for K.L's tutorial on the perfect way to wear gold eye makeup for the holidays:

How to Wear Gold Eye Makeup for the Holidays
How to Wear Gold Eye Makeup for the Holidays

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