Everyone is going crazy for this new spray-on nail polish

nail polish life hack
nail polish life hack

A good manicure can go a long way, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time or patience to do it yourself.

Sure, you want your nails to look beautiful, but none of us want to worry about the mess or cleanup that comes with it.

Well, your nail polish prayers may have just been answered.

British company Nails Inc. understands the struggle and solved all our problems with their new spray-on nail polish.

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Dubbed "the world's fastest manicure" on their website, the polish comes in a can and only takes 20 seconds to apply. While you're bound to get some on fingers while spraying your nails, the damage to the skin can easily be undone simply with some warm water.

Nail Inc.'s two hues -- silver and magenta -- will launch in the United Kingdom on Nov. 12. But have no fear, dear Americans! The company plans to launch to their product in the US by spring 2016.

What does your signature nail polish color say about you? Watch the video below to find out:

What Your Signature Nail Polish Color Says About You
What Your Signature Nail Polish Color Says About You

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