Why are Missouri players boycotting?

Black Missouri Football Players Hold Out in Face of Racial Injustices

One of the biggest College Football stories on Saturday had to do with a team that played on Thursday. After a student on campus announced he was going on a hunger strike, the African-American members of the school's football team have rallied together to try and put a stop to what they are calling injustice.

Last week a student went on a hunger strike after a swastika was found smeared in feces in one of the dorms. The hunger strike was to protest the inactivity from school officials when it came to investigating and trying to find out who vandalized the dorm and why.

To ensure that student didn't get lost in his protest — and to bring attention to the issue the team feels strongly about — all of the black football players for Missouri are sitting out and boycotting. It doesn't matter whether or not there's a notable NFL Draft prospect in the bunch protesting, as this is beyond football at this point.

This all circles back to the fact that there was a swastika found in the dorms and it appears that not a whole lot of action was taken. The question now is, how prevalent are these problems at Missouri, as players protesting and boycotting their role on the football team isn't something to be taken lightly at all.

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Why are Missouri players boycotting?

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