New study says you can eat your cake and fast food, too

New Study Says You Can Eat Your Cake and Fast Food, Too
New Study Says You Can Eat Your Cake and Fast Food, Too

If you like a savory or sweet treat, you might not need to worry as much about it affecting your weight.

Cornell researchers recently found most Americans consume around the same amount of sweets and fast food, whether they are average weight or overweight. Which means there isn't a specific link between body mass index and consumption of high-sugar and high-fat foods, unless you're morbidly obese or underweight.

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But before you start stocking up a sugary stash, the study did note that a high consumption of these foods can still cause weight gain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest numbers show nearly 35% of Americans are obese. So the main takeaway of this study? When it comes to fighting obesity in America, researchers say public health campaigns and individual doctors shouldn't just focus on specific foods. They should look at a person's lifestyle, like overall diet and exercise.

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