Woman flees home after 'ghost' appears in her selfie

A woman was left in tears after spotting what appears to be a ghost lurking beside her in a selfie she took inside her home. Since discovering the "ghost" in the photo, the woman has ended the tenancy at her two-bedroom home.

Natasha Boden, 26, immediately fled her home with her partner Mark Donohue and 2-year-old daughter Dolly upon seeing the image. She checked into a hotel for the first night and is now looking for a new home for her family.

It all started when Natasha took a selfie on her phone to show off her new blonde hair. She took multiple photos, and scrolled through each of them to choose her favorite. While scrolling, she came across one particular selfie that seemed odd. She quickly realized in horror that a face appeared to be floating near Natasha's right shoulder in the picture.

Just six weeks before the incident, Natasha said that undertakers arrived at her door, claiming they were there to collect a dead body from the property. Natasha said:

"I told them there was no dead body in my flat but they were adamant. Eventually they came back and apologized and said they had the wrong flat, but it really scared me. It turned out one of my neighbours had passed away. I never met him but I think he was ill for a long time. I don't know whether it is connected to the face I saw in the photo, I just know I have to find somewhere else for us all to live."

Now, Natasha is doing everything she can to ensure that she never has to return to her former home. She said:

"My boyfriend is moving everything out of the flat. I can't go back there. I'm absolutely petrified. I've never believed in ghosts or anything like that. If someone else had taken the photograph I would think it was a load of rubbish but the face is so clear. The hotel room cost £60 for the night but it was worth it. I don't think I can ever go back to the flat, so I have called my landlord and handed my notice in to end the tenancy. When I first moved in I noticed the floorboards would creak when nobody was there, but I thought it was just because it's an old building. I'll never take a selfie on my own again."

Watch this video to learn about another woman who believes a ghost photobombed her selfie:

British Socialite Instagrams Ghost Hand
British Socialite Instagrams Ghost Hand

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