Vacation in these futuristic glass cabins that bring new meaning to the term 'roughing it'

Norway's Glass Hotel May Be Unveiled In 2016
Norway's Glass Hotel May Be Unveiled In 2016

If the soon-to-be hotel in the video above completely blew you away, then you might want to take a seat for what we're about to show you next. When it comes to searching for where to take your next vacation, Finland may just be your answer. Nestled right on the edge of the Finland wilderness is a hotel unlike any other in both look and feel.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is certainly off the beaten path, but take one look at its futuristic glass igloos and you'll realize that doesn't mean that you're roughing it. According to the resort's website, the unique destination began all the way back in the late 1900s when its founder was traveling down the Finland road.

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According to the age-old tale, his car broke down and he was forced to make camp near the woods. Apparently, he immediately fell in love with the location and set up a permanent roadside stop-in that eventually grew to be the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

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But if you're wondering what the real deal is with this unconventional hotel, we've got the scoop. The luxury resort is not only home to cozy log cabins with built-in glass nooks, but is also equipped with snow igloos, where visitors can get warm in a very cold environment. Cool, right? (Pun intended)!

But aside from the surrounding view of wilderness and auroras, there's no denying that the most stunning part of the resort is the field of glass igloos which all look like little see-through domes. And did we mention you have the most perfect view of the Northern Lights as well?

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Resting at the northern tip of Europe, some may view this secluded resort as some sort of spooky outpost, when it reality, it's simply a cozy little Finland spot with an awesome place to rest your head and a gorgeous view. Now, pack your bags, book your stay and have an ICE day!

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