Survey says middle age now doesn't end until 68

New Survey Says Middle Age Now Doesn't End Until 68

Attitudes about aging are shifting.

According to a recent survey, people now believe that old age begins at 68 on average compared to previously held tenets that it started around the 60-year mark.

The youngest grouping surveyed, those under 35, believe the distinction happens at 61 years of age.

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Meanwhile, those already in their 70s have set the line much further at 77, even though the life expectancy in the UK, where the research was conducted, is 81.

One of the reasons cited behind this optimism in the later years is that more than half, or 64 percent, of people older than 65, feel that life has gotten better after 50.

In fact, those older than the half-century mark foresee having five or more big life changes ahead of them such as a divorce or a move.

One of the study's authors concurs, saying, "The point at which people consider themselves to be old is extending further into the late 60s as people recognize that they have decades of active life ahead."

The survey of 2,000 U.K. residents was requested by Cigna Insurance Services and conducted by the Trajectory Partnership.

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