Someone 3D printed an armor for cats, because reasons

The world can be tough for your feline friends, so some 3D printing geeks made an armor for cats. Fights with other cats, dogs and rats won't worry your pet anymore with this outfit that looks like something out "The Lord of the Rings." The armor is made of for plates that cover the back of the cat, a chest plate and smaller segments that cover the tail. All plates, of course, are covered with spikes, to make your cat look like he or she is ready for war.

The video of the creation was posted on YouTube by PrintThatThing, a channel where all content is dedicated to 3D printing. The armor is completely made out of a printer and it includes a leash hole, a ring for the name tag and you can find the blueprint online. If you don't own a 3D printer but still want that outfit for your cat, the channel is asking subscribers to submit a matching helmet design via social media and the winner will receive the suit.

Here is the video:

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