Greg Hardy's girlfriend: "He was gonna kill me"

Why Greg Hardy's Return to the NFL Is a Problem
Why Greg Hardy's Return to the NFL Is a Problem

Greg Hardy plays a game where violence is practically glorified, and his role in this game is to hit, and hit hard. This violence and frustration is usually taken out on the field, but Hardy found himself one night taking it out on his girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Stuck in a pattern of abuse and inferiority to the pro NFL star, she lost hope one night when Hardy took it too far.

Deadspin recently released a piece that told the story from Holder's perspective, which just shows how far the incident was taken. The article, which contains pictures of Holder's injuries sustained from the incident and exclusive Snapchat pictures of assault rifles (10 were seized that night, according to Deadspin) that were in Hardy's house, goes into detail about all that happened that fateful night.

Drinking was heavy, and the group–in retrospect–should not have drank that much. After a night of hard partying, Holder found herself alone with Hardy in her bed, where he started to reminisce on the past, and things he was upset with her about. He called her "slut" and said that she had ruined their relationship. Hardy was holding onto the past hard, apparently, and liquid courage only helped him bring that up.

As she defended herself, Hardy only got more angry, and started to get violent, tossing her around. She tried to defend herself, but that's tough to do when facing off against a 6'4″, nearly 300 pound man. He pulled her around by her hair, tossing her like a rag doll onto his weapons.

She left the night with lots of physical bruises, but likely even more mental ones. She ran when the police came, and when they asked what had happened, she exclaimed that it didn't matter because, "nothing is going to happen to him anyways."

She's practically right. After the court system botched the case for the most part, the NFL did too, reducing a 10 game suspension to four. Hardy has been glorified by Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones who has said Hardy is a "leader" in the locker room despite his inappropriate comments about players' wives.

See photos of Greg Hardy throughout his career:

Hardy has also questioned authority, pushing and shoving a Cowboys coach after getting into a disagreement with him during the game.

That night won't soon be forgotten by Holder, but it seems as if Hardy has not learned his lesson, and that's partially due to the NFL not taking the situation seriously. The domestic violence issue just keeps getting bigger, and Holder likely hopes that the league starts taking more action with cases like this.