Grandma reportedly shreds fortune so family can't have it

Grandma Reportedly Shreds Fortune So Family Can't Have It

Let's set the scene here. You're on your deathbed, and you're very wealthy -- but you don't want your family to cash in on your fortune. What do you do?

Prosecutors say an 85-year-old Austrian woman shred the equivalent of $1.1 million so her family couldn't have it.

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The unidentified woman's family reportedly found the shredded money on her nursing home bed after she died.

Alas, her plan backfired. Reports say the bank has agreed to replace the cash.

"How much did she hate her relatives? What did they do to her?" Michael Strahan asked.

"You know what, they probably didn't visit her ever," Kelly Ripa said.

Note to self: Go visit grandma.

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