Boy whose large head makes up half his body weight hopes for last-chance operation

When 5-year-old Huang Jingnuo was a baby, his head began to swell uncontrollably. By the time he was just 3 months hold, he had a head circumference of 52 centimeters. Now, his head reportedly makes up half of his body weight.

Doctors diagnosed the young boy with hydrocephalus - an accumulation of fluids in the brain that often leads to death. The doctors gave the boy as little as a month left to live. However, despite the diagnosis, the boy has managed to survive for five years.

Now, his condition has worsened and his family believes that a particular operation may be the only option to save their son. The operation was performed successfully on a young girl in Hunan and on another child in Ghangsha.

Jingnuo's head is now 72 centimeters. He is unable to sit up by himself and he cannot attend nursery or school. However, his parents say that he is an extremely intelligent young boy. He is able to speak and listen to others and he shows signs of having a good memory.

Jingnuo's parents believe that this new operation is the final hope to save the boy's life. However, Jingnuo's father has vowed to "never give up as long as there is hope."

Watch this video to learn more about hydrocephalus:

Hydrocephalus Explained
Hydrocephalus Explained

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