OnlyOnAOL: Topher Grace shares the 'Truth' about eternal youth

Topher Grace on "Truth"
Topher Grace on "Truth"


Topher Grace is engaged to actress Ashley Hinshaw. And his latest project caused something of a fracas between the couple. It's all due to Robert Redford, one of Grace's heroes and his co-star in the drama "Truth," now in theaters.

"Just the chance to get to know him and to get to be in a film with him..." says Grace. "I was sitting at dinner at him. I remember calling my fiance, we weren't engaged at the time, and the way I was talking about our dinner, she was like, 'Do I need to fly out there? Are you going to have an on-set romance?' I was so enamored with what he's done."

Grace himself has made smart choices. He was good-hearted geek Eric Forman on the Fox sitcom "That '70s Show," unleashed his villainous side in "Spider-Man 3," and served as Dennis Quaid's boss in "In Good Company." Now, he's a researcher in "Truth," based on the questionable "60 Minutes" takedown of President George W. Bush's Vietnam War record, and the subsequent fallout, which shut down the careers of producer Mary Mapes and legendary anchor Dan Rather.

The experience was a professional high for Grace, a serious look at a pivotal media moment. And he's being asked about his former Fox costars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's romance.

"There were questions like that when I was going into the premiere of 'Truth' in Toronto and I thought, 'Man, can I just bring you guys in with me and we'll watch the movie together?'" says Grace.

In one integral scene in the film, Cate Blanchett's Mary Mapes looks herself up online, to see what's being written about her. The hideous commentary was an emotional suckerpunch. Does Grace ever Google himself?

"Every night," he deadpans.

Not, but really: "You have to be careful as an actor. For actors, it's just really healthy to not do that. I certainly have done it and I learned it was akin to self-mutilation," says Grace. "I'm pretty boring. I've been in the game for a second."

Speaking of, how does Grace look so fresh-faced? Does he spritz himself with Evian water, or bathe in unicorn tears?

"I'm 37. You know, Paul Rudd used to stay at my house. He left his anti-whatever cream there," says Grace, referring to Hollywood's other age-defying actor. "He looks about eight years younger than me."

Here's a look at Grace's costar Cate Blanchett.