This very confused 'cow' dreams of being a dog

Meet the Adorable Cow That Really Wants To Be a Dog
Meet the Adorable Cow That Really Wants To Be a Dog

A little calf named Goliath has given up his bovine nature for a more pet-like behavior. He wants to be a dog. Twitter user shaysaprocky (Shaylee Hubbs, in real life) uploaded a photo on her account showing her calf chilling on her living room couch. To add to the animal's confusion, while Goliath is technically a baby bull, his owner refers to him as a cow. After posting the photo, her tweet got incredible traction on the platform and currently has more than 31,000 retweets, making Goliath the next Internet sensation.

Some of the other users who saw the photo, pointed out the mixup since cows are, by definition, female animals. Goliath's owner cleared the controversy with the following tweet:

According to Mashable, Hubbs rescued the calf when he was born extremely thin and sick and took him in her house. Goliath also loves eating dog food and being scratched, as his owner showed with additional tweets:

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