The best doughnut shop in every state

Free Doughnuts for National Doughnut Day
Free Doughnuts for National Doughnut Day

When done right, doughnuts can be an incredibly delicious snack.

The most satisfying doughnuts have the perfect dough consistency, just enough icing, and ideal flavor combinations.

We've scoured suggestions from Zagat, Thrillist, and locals' recommendations to find the very best doughnut shop in every state.

Whether you're a fan of quirky flavors, overflowing filling, or an old-fashioned glazed doughnut done right, we've got you covered.

ALABAMA: The Heavenly Donut Company, located in Birmingham, Alabama, hand-makes a variety of cake and yeast doughnuts on a daily basis. Fun flavors include M&M doughnuts, Reese's Cup doughnuts, and a variety of flavors available seasonally, including Pumpkin Spice.

Facebook/The Heavenly Donut Co.

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ALASKA: Dino's Donuts in Anchorage, Alaska, has everything from blueberry and cherry frosted doughnuts to Maple Bacon varieties. Try one of their signature Dino Bones, which are bone-shaped doughnuts filled with everything from peanut butter and jelly to Bavarian cream.

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ARIZONA: At Le Cave's Bakery in Tucson, Arizona, delectable doughnuts are stuffed with real fruit filling and made specially for vegans. The doughnuts are bigger than your average treats, and they definitely don't skimp on the raspberry, lemon curd, and vanilla custard fillings.

Yelp/Dawn K.

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ARKANSAS: Mark's Do-Nut Shop in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is often packed. Originally opened in 1978, it has been serving its cream-filled and coconut-coated doughnuts to happy customers for years.

Yelp/Christopher C.

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CALIFORNIA: San Diego's Donut Bar quickly caught attention when it opened in 2013 thanks to its array of mouthwatering flavors, including Crème brûlée doughnuts (pictured here), and doughnuts filled with entire Snickers bars. Flavors rotate daily so that visitors' taste buds are always pleasantly surprised.

Yelp/Randy F.

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COLORADO: At Glazed & Confuzed in Denver, Colorado, Chef Josh Schwab uses local, organic, and seasonal ingredients to deliver gourmet doughnuts like the Confuzed Somoa — a caramel-glazed doughnut topped with toasted coconut and chocolate — and more savory options, like a jalapeño cream cheese-stuffed doughnut that's covered with a chipotle drizzle.

Facebook/Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts

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CONNECTICUT: The line at Neil's Donuts in Wallingford, Connecticut, might be long, but it's worth it to get a taste of their incredibly fresh doughnuts. Whether you like your doughnuts glazed, plain, or filled with jelly or cream, you'll be satisfied with your pick here.

Yelp/Karen P.

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DELAWARE: Sweeney's Bakery in Wilmington, Delaware, is known for making its products from scratch, including both its classic doughnuts as well as its more trendy options, like the cronut.

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FLORIDA: Mojo Donuts is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and offers some pretty wild varieties of doughnuts, like Log Cabin Bacon Bars, which are covered in bits of savory bacon, and red velvet doughnuts that are bursting with flavor.

Yelp/Michael U.

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GEORGIA: Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta, Georgia, goes all-out with their doughnuts. Highlights include a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup doughnut, which is topped with chunks of the candy, and a doughnut that's stuffed with fresh strawberries and cream.

Yelp/James P.

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HAWAII: Leonard's Bakery, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, has been delighting guests with their famed Masaladas since they started making them in 1953. Generous-sized balls of dough are fried to a golden brown, stuffed with custard, chocolate, or coconut, and then sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, or li-hing.

Yelp/Amy M.

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IDAHO: Boise's Guru Donuts is known for its unique flavor combinations — the Hipsterberry, for example, is a doughnut made with local lavender and fresh wild berries. Other creative concoctions include the Charlie Brown, a fluffy pumpkin doughnut topped with a root beer glaze.

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ILLINOIS: Sometimes all you need is a perfectly done glazed doughnut to satisfy your craving. Chicago's Doughnut Vault also has other tasty selections, like Chestnut Glazed doughnuts, Brownie Softie doughnuts, Pistachio Glazed Doughnuts, and Salted Caramel Old Fashioned doughnuts.

Facebook/Doughnut Vault

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INDIANA: Try a cinnamon fried or blueberry cake doughnut from Long's Bakery in Indianapolis, and you'll soon see why the shop is one of the most popular in the area. Their glazed doughnuts simply melt in your mouth.

Yelp/Brittany S.

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IOWA: A staple doughnut shop in Iowa City, Daylight Donuts makes fresh, old-fashioned treats. Try their signature apple spice doughnut, which you can get plain or with caramel glaze, and treat yourself to one of their Bismarks, which are stuffed with Bavarian pudding.

Facebook/Daylight Donuts Iowa City

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KANSAS: The Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas, makes excellent doughnuts from scratch, including quirky flavors like its Sunshine Citrus Crunch — a citrus-glazed and cereal-topped doughnut — or its King Midas — a doughnut topped with vanilla, peanuts, and Lyle's Golden Syrup.

Yelp/Chryz C.

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KENTUCKY: For over 30 years, Sugar & Spice has been serving up tasty doughnuts at an ideal price. The shop includes more than 30 different doughnut options, including Banana Split, Chocolate Peanut Cake, and Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake varieties.

Yelp/Amy L.

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LOUISIANA: The beignet is the official state doughnut of Louisiana, and no one does it better than Café du Monde in New Orleans. Though some might say its overrated, we'd say its beignets are fried to perfection and topped with just the right amount of powdered sugar.


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MAINE: The Holy Donut has two locations in Portland, Maine, both of which serve up doughnuts made from locally grown potatoes. Flavors include pomegranate, mojito, coffee brandy, and even sweet potato.

Yelp/B A.

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MARYLAND: The Fractured Prune's store in Ocean City, Maryland, is just one of many to continue serving dipped-to-order doughnuts, which are dunked warm into dripping glazes and topped off with one of 13 different toppings of your choice. With 19 different glazes that include everything from banana to mint, there's no lack of variety here.

Facebook/Fractured Prune Doughnuts

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MASSACHUSETTS: From traditional Boston Cream to Pumpkin Pie and Maple Bacon, Union Square Donuts, which has several locations across Massachusetts, offers both cake and vegan doughnuts. Be sure to check out their special seasonal flavors for treats you can't get any other time of the year.

Yelp/Stephanie O.

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MICHIGAN: Sweetwater's Donut Mill has two locations in Kalamazoo and one location in Battle Creek. Opened in 1983, the shop includes rich choices like a butterscotch-filled yeast doughnut topped with vanilla and caramel icing.

Yelp/D K.

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MINNESOTA: Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, makes everything from scratch using locally sourced dairy from nearby Hope Creamery. Its inventive menu includes over-the-top doughnuts like the Outlaw, made with lemon cream cheese, cherry icing, and brown butter crumb topping, and the Chart Topper, made with peanut butter and sriracha.

Yelp/Jonathan E.

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MISSISSIPPI: The TatoNut Donut Shop in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, has dubbed itself the home of "the only real donut" and is known for its delicious plain and chocolate-iced creations.

Yelp/David C.

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MISSOURI: The Donut Stop has been serving its doughnuts in St. Louis since 1953. The old-school bakery has everything from glazed, sugar, and cake doughnuts to twists and beignets.

Yelp/Julia W.

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MONTANA: At Granny's Gourmet Donuts in Bozeman, Montana, customers will be delighted by doughnuts served with fresh fruit both inside and out. The shop also has some clever varieties, like strawberry daiquiri and apple cider doughnuts.

Yelp/Matthew W.

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NEBRASKA: The Doughnut Hole in Lincoln, Nebraska, originally started as a farmers' market stand, but it now has its own location where it serves up its delectable doughnuts.

Yelp/Winnie Y.

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NEW HAMPSHIRE: Muriel's Donuts in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has become a staple thanks to its fresh, homemade doughnuts as well as its famous jelly sticks, which are crullers stuffed full of sweet jam.

Yelp/Michael M.

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NEW JERSEY: OB-CO's Donuts in Toms River, New Jersey, has been serving its original doughnut recipe since 1953. Their doughnuts go quick, so make sure to stop by early.

Facebook/OB-CO's Donuts (OFFICIAL)

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NEW MEXICO: Rebel Donut in Albuquerque, New Mexico, took the $10,000 prize at The Food Network's "Donut Showdown" thanks to its array of delectable flavors. Highlights include Irish Coffee and Cream doughnuts, Circus Animals doughnuts topped with sweet cookies, and its Blue Sky "Breaking Bad"-themed doughnuts topped with blue crystal candy.

Yelp/Daniel L.

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NEW YORK: With locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Dough delivers creative flavors that include the Hibiscus doughnut, the Nutella-stuffed doughnut, and the Matcha-Chocolate doughnut.

Yelp/Mike C.

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NORTH CAROLINA: Monuts, located in Downtown Durham, started out as a tricycle-operated stand in a farmers' market. You'll find unique flavors like hibiscus ginger and pumpkin cheesecake swirl doughnuts.

Yelp/Rod O.

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NORTH DAKOTA: Sandy's Donuts has locations both in Fargo and West Fargo and makes playful doughnuts that are as good to look at as they are to eat. Try its Dirt & Worms, topped with chocolate and gummy worms, or go for a more traditional choice like the sour cream cake or chocolate cake doughnuts.

Facebook/Sandy's Donuts & Coffee Shop

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OHIO: Bill's Donut Shop in Centerville, Ohio, has become famous for its pretzel doughnuts. Its blueberry cake doughnuts and apple spice doughnuts are also beloved for packing a ton of flavor without being overly sweet.

Yelp/Brad L.

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OKLAHOMA: Polar Donuts originally opened in Oklahoma City in 1992 and has since opened four different locations in the area. The doughnut shop is known for its buttery flavored potato doughnuts, but its apple fritters are also scrumptious.

Yelp/Ryan B.

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OREGON: Voodoo Doughnuts has several locations in Portland, Oregon, as well as in Colorado and Taiwan. Its unconventional doughnuts include the Maple Blazer Blunt — a yeast doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar, maple frosting, and red sprinkles — and its Voodoo Doll Doughnuts, which are filled with jelly and topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stake.

Flickr/Navin Rajagopalan

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PENNSYLVANIA: Besides its top-notch coffee and chicken, Philadelphia's Federal Donuts is known for its one-of-a-kind flavors. Highlights include grapefruit creme brûlée doughnuts, strawberry lavender doughnuts, and banana cream pie doughnuts, just to name a few.

Yelp/Nicole O.

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RHODE ISLAND: A go-to for deep-fried confections, Allie's Donuts in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, uses a combination of yeast-raised and cake dough to achieve the perfect level of chewiness in each doughnut. Make sure to sample their Boston cream doughnut, as it's said to be one of the best around.

Yelp/Robert B.

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SOUTH CAROLINA: At Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts in Charleston, South Carolina, customers are treated to food favorites like lemon meringue pie, French toast, peanut butter and jelly, and tiramisu in doughnut form.

Yelp/Jennifer C.

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SOUTH DAKOTA: Jerry's Cakes and Donuts in Rapid City, South Dakota, has been family-owned for 20 years. Locals suggest trying their pumpkin doughnut and Oreo doughnut for flavors that won't disappoint.

Yelp/Ryan M.

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TENNESSEE: Memphis' Gibson's Donuts is known for their buttermilk drops, which taste like buttermilk-glazed cupcakes. Their doughnuts are light and airy and smothered in sweet glaze and icing.

Yelp/Michael U.

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TEXAS: Shipley Do-Nuts has locations throughout Texas, and locals love its more than 40 different varieties of doughnuts. Sine 1936, they've been serving up soft yeast doughnuts, some of which are filled with favorites like warm apple, Bavarian cream, and cherry.

Facebook/Shipley Do-Nuts

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UTAH: For simple, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, head to Banbury Cross Donuts in Salt Lake City, Utah. Favorites include their applesauce doughnut, flower-shaped rosettes, and their strawberry frosted doughnut, but all of them are insanely fresh and fluffy.

Yelp/Jessica O.

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VERMONT: Mrs. Murphy's Donuts at Manchester Center, Vermont, is famous for its cookies and cream cake doughnuts, but the old-school shop also serves up a variety of other tasty treats, like its honeydew cake doughnut.


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VIRGINIA: Sugar Shack Donuts has several locations in Virginia. Its eclectic menu includes items like a Glazed Cinnamon Roll, Gingerbread, Espresso Glazed, and Chocolate Butterfinger doughnuts. They are also known to host fun promotions that give customers the chance to score some free doughnuts.

Yelp/Andrea C.

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WASHINGTON: The Donut House in Anacortes, Washington, serves fresh, light, and delicious doughnuts that prove you don't always need frills to make a delicious doughnut. Plus, their treats are big without skimping on the quality and flavor.

Facebook/The Donut House-Anacortes

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WASHINGTON, DC: District Doughnuts offers rotating menus of doughnuts that are focused on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Mouthwatering choices include the Nutella S'mores, which is dipped in Nutella ganache and sprinkled with grandma crumble and homemade marshmallow dollop.

Yelp/DON C.

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WEST VIRGINIA: JR's Donut Castle in Parkersburg, West Virginia, boasts 34 different types of doughnuts, with some of the most popular choices being the Maple Cream Fill, the Apple Fritters, and the Chocolate Glaze. While you're there, make sure to try one of their pepperoni rolls, with seven different types of the meat treat to choose from.

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WISCONSIN: Manderfield's Home Bakery is a Wisconsin favorite, with locations in Appleton and Menasha. With roots that stretch back to 1934, the bakery has been churning out its long list of delicious doughnuts, including its fan-favorite maple bacon doughnuts, to satisfied customers for decades.

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WYOMING: Cowboy Donuts was created in Rock Springs, Wyoming, back in 2010 by a pair of doughnut lovers who were struggling to find a fresh bakery in their area. Ever since, the shop has been making rich cake doughnuts, traditional doughnuts topped in their house-made sugar glaze, and specialty doughnuts that include its famous apple fritters.

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