Shocking confessions from retail workers

It is often quite a difficult job to be constantly talking to and dealing with people -- people in customer service industries do this all day long. Customers might sometimes see their sales associate as the one to blame for any and all issues related to the product being sold, whether or not he or she created it.

Frustration is to be expected from the courageous souls who brave the tundra that is retail. However, some take out their grievances in some less-than-favorable ways, and reveal surprising effects their jobs have on them.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal the truth about how they deal with working in retail.

Your place of work isn't the best location for a "what's mine is yours" mentality:
I work in retail and whenever I know someone is stealing I just let them. I understand things are expensive and I don

Too much of anything will eventually turn you off from it:
Working in retail makes me hate interacting with people in real life.

Sometimes people take professional friendliness the wrong way:
I work in retail and I hate getting those inappropriate flirts & comments from customers.

Use your words, people:
I work in retail and I hate when I

You should remember the power a sales associate might have before you're rude to him/her:
When customers make me mad, I cancel their credit payments 3 times before letting it go through to make them panic and think their card is getting declined. I work in a retail store.

Retail is a field where the line is thin between sugarcoating, and straight-up lying:
Working in retail has turned me into such a fake person. I

You should always double check for your request, no matter what your salesperson tells you:
I work in retail and when you ask me to check for your size I just pretend to look because I

It's healthy to channel your anger to a medium that won't hurt anyone in real life:
I work in retail. Every night I come home and watch a horror movie, imagining all the rude customers as the victims. It sounds weird but it really helps.

If you picked it up, you can put it back:
I work in retail. Just know when you put something where is doesn

It's always best to be the bigger person, even if you don't see any immediate effect:
I hate working in retail, some customers are rude no matter how friendly and helpful you are..

For more shocking retail confessions, check out Whisper.

Watch the video below for more on what your salespeople are really thinking:
Not All Retailers Want You Shopping on Thanksgiving

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