OnlyOnAOL: Recreate Carrie Underwood's stunning CMA look

'The 49th Annual CMA Awards': Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Host the CMA Awards!
'The 49th Annual CMA Awards': Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Host the CMA Awards!


Last night's Country Music Awards didn't disappoint -- great company, stellar performances and impeccable style. Plus, the ladies of the country music industry do awards shows better than most, thanks to their love of big hair and fabulous makeup. The best of the best, though? Carrie Underwood.

The drop-dead gorgeous co-host had several outfit changes throughout the night (can we PLEASE talk about that incredible coral dress?!), but her makeup remained intact, with only minor tweaks and touch ups as the show went on. We may not be able to recreate her outstanding fashion moments from the night, but her makeup look is actually very doable! To get the inside scoop, we chatted with her makeup artist of 10 years, Melissa Schleicher.

As a brand ambassador for Almay, Carrie Underwood exclusively uses their products in her beauty regimen, and she couldn't love them more. When asked about using Almay products for Underwood's look, Schleicher was in resounding agreement that they are, in fact, amazing.

"We love the Butter Kiss lips," Schleicher said, referring to Almay's Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick, and she also gave the new Almay concealer high marks, which she used on Underwood for the awards show last night in the light/medium shade.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty of what exactly Schleicher did to make Underwood look so insanely beautiful -- not that Underwood really needs any help in that department, but the rest of us sure do!

While Schleicher normally does a smokey eye on the country star, Underwood "kind of wanted Old Hollywood glam but with a sleeker look -- glam, but not over-the-top glam," she said. So instead of going with the classic smokey eye, Schleicher used two of Almay's Intense i-Color palettes, using light silver all over her eyes and creating a dark crease, rather than a dark lid, which she normally does.

Schleicher shared a fun tip about shimmery eye shadow, too: "If it has a sparkle to it," she said, "you can make it wet and it will get more intense. Like with silver shimmer, just wet it and put it all over the lid with liquid eyeliner." This trick doesn't work for matte eyeshadows, however, because "it won't be as pretty."

In addition to the eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner, Schleicher lined the rim of Underwood's eyes with the Almay eye pencil, used volumizing Almay mascara in black and applied two sets of Smoke and Mirrors beauty lashes -- the New York lash was applied across her entire lid, and then the Dolly lash was cut in half and set on top in the corner of the eye.

Schleicher's big tip for applying false eyelashes? "Always lift up the lid and do a line underneath the lash to make it look seamless."

Throughout the night, they changed her lip color several times and intensified the eyeliner, especially for her performance. "She loves black eyeliner," Schleicher said of Underwood. "I have to get on her sometimes -- I go to the bathroom and she's grabbing the black eyeliner to add more!" Yet another reason to love Carrie Underwood.

Schleicher also does Underwood's hair, which they darkened up a bit for extra depth and straightened, which the blonde bombshell isn't usually a big fan of. "I pulled a miracle last night!" Schleicher said. "Carries does not like straight hair. I told her, 'See how pretty it is?' She's always afraid it's going to be too flat."

Her luscious locks were anything but limp last night, though, a look Schleicher says can be achieved with superfine hairspray like Oribe, which she used on Underwood, or with a dry shampoo if you want to spend less money. And really, the greatest part about Underwood's hair and makeup look is that it's not insanely expensive to replicate!

With these tips from the lovely Melissa Schleicher and a quick trip to the drug store for a few Almay products, you'll look like a country superstar in no time!

Shop these beauty products to get Carrie Underwood's look at home:

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ALMAY Classic Eye Liner Pencil in Black
ALMAY Intense i-Color Volumizing Mascara in Midnight for Hazel Eyes
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See more of Carrie Underwood's looks from the CMAs below:

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