Man breaks into shed, cooks meth, and blows himself up in the process

A Sobering Look at What Meth Can Do to Your Appearance
A Sobering Look at What Meth Can Do to Your Appearance

The latest meth bust in Jacksonville, North Carolina marks Onslow County's ninth bust in just six weeks.

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Local ABC affiliate, WITN reports that 30-year-old William Tracy Allen broke into a shed behind a mobile home in North Carolina on Tuesday, Nov. 3. From there, things took an illegal turn for the worst.

Allen allegedly began to cook meth in the abandoned shed, when he blew himself up in the process.

%shareLinks-quote="The bust, which involved the sheriff's office, fire department and State Bureau of Investigation, revealed evidence of a 'one-pot' meth lab. Basically, the user places all ingredients into a plastic bottle." type="quote" author="Major Chris Thomas, Oslow County" authordesc="JD Daily News" isquoteoftheday="false"%

According to the officer, this "one-pot" meth lab produces a liquid which include lithium, which could have caused the spark.

Allen was airlifted to North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill. Upon his release, reports say "charges will be filed."

This woman was arrested for meth, while wearing a shirt that says "I love meth:"

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