Make it spicy! 10 delicious ways to upgrade your meals with sriracha

How To Make Honey Sriracha Scallops
How To Make Honey Sriracha Scallops

Do you love all things spicy? Can't stop adding hot sauce to all your meals? Well, you came to the right place! If hot sauce is the thing you love most about cooking or even going out to eat, then these sriracha recipes will blow you away and leave your tastebuds wanting more.

Sure, you've probably added sriracha to your chicken or fries, but there are certain foods that are completely upgraded with sriracha which you would never expect.

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So, without further or due -- take a look below at a few mouth-watering recipes that are sure to satisfy all your spice food cravings.

1. California Eggs Benedict

Make a healthier hollandaise (it's still creamy, but has a little less butter) with sriracha mixed right in.

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2. Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet Hash

Counter the sweetness of sweet potatoes with sriracha and an egg.

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3. Sriracha Swirled Cornbread Muffins

These corn muffins have sriracha swirled right into the batter.

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4. Sriracha Quinoa Bites

The creamy Gruyere and honey help cool down the sriracha's heat.

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5. Lemongrass Sriracha Grilled Shrimp

Takes less than 30 minutes to make and uses a garlic-lemongrass sriracha marinade.

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6. Shrimp Quinoa Spring Rolls

Dip them in a sriracha-infused peanut sauce to up the nom-factor.

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