How to apply eyelash extensions yourself

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Ever since I started doing my own eyelash extensions, I've had lots of questions about them, especially over on my instagram. Hopefully this post answers all your questions! I am giving you a start to finish tutorial on how I do mine. As a blonde, my eyelashes are pretty much invisible without mascara. On top of that, my eyelashes are straight, so the process of curling my lashes and applying mascara takes the majority of my time when I do my makeup. With a third baby and 2 kids in school, I am constantly running out the door for school/errands, and since I've been using these extensions, it has made getting ready to go so much faster! For those wondering, this is different than just wearing fake lashes. The glue for these is a much stronger bond and can last up to a week or more depending on how well you apply them. They are synthetic lashes, and have 4-5 individual lashes attached to each one, making the application process a lot faster than applying one single lash to each one of your lashes.

I've tried the normal eyelash extensions before, and they were great. But they were expensive, and I just don't have 2-3 hours every few weeks to go in and get them filled. These eyelash extensions are $10 to get started! $10 you guys! And the refills are only a few dollars and last me at least 2 applications. It is so crazy cheap! I have been telling everyone I know about these at-home lash extensions. Now that I have used them for over a month, I can apply a full set in about 20-30 minutes, and they last me a full week without having to do any touch-ups.

Let me tell you, waking up with a full set of black curled lashes is a GAME CHANGER for a blonde! Eyelashes make the biggest difference, and my eyes disappear without them. Now I feel like I'm 70% ready for the day before I even start putting my makeup on.

Ok, onto the tutorial...make sure you read all my notes at the bottom of the post as well. I talk all about how to care for and remove your lashes.

How to apply eyelash extensions yourself
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How to apply eyelash extensions yourself

The starter kit is by Ardell and you can get it here or here. It includes the lash glue, lash remover, tweesers, and short, medium, and long lashes. 

I also recommend grabbing at least 1 refill of the short lashes and the medium lashes. (I don't use the long lashes, they are just too fake long for me). 

Also, a mascara wand (super inexpensive) will help you maintain your lashes. 

I recently purchased this black Ardell eyelash extension glue, and I love it! The glue dries black, not clear, so it is much less noticeable, and gives more of an eyeliner look along your lash line. 

Each lash is a tiny bundle of about 4-5 lashes, all connected by a tiny ball at the bottom. I'm going to refer to one of these as an 'individual lash', but know that each one is connected to a group of lashes.  The first step to placing each individual lash correctly, is to hold the lash with the tweezer correctly. Grab the group of individual lashes a tiny bit above the ball (see pictures above). If you are too close to the ball you will get glue on the tweezers, making them hard to get to stick to your lashes without them sticking to the tweezers.

To get the glue on the lash, I've tried pouring the glue onto a small strip of foil, but the glue is hard to see and gets tacky too fast. I've found that the easiest way to apply the glue to the bottom ball of the individual lash is to hold the glue container in one hand and the tweezers in the other, and slowly pour the glue till it almost comes our of the container (but make sure it doesn't!). When the glue is close to the edge of the container, dip the ball of the individual lash into the glue right from the container.  This way the glue doesn't dry up, and its a lot less messy. Try not to get too much of the glue on the actual lashes, but get a good amount so that there is enough to adhere to your lash.

Start with applying the first 3-4 MEDIUM length lashes to the outside of your right eye, working your way in, and then repeat with your left eye, working from the outside in. To apply your individual lash, keep holding the lash with the glue on it, and gently place it on top of one of your own lashes. Slowly sweep the ball with glue on it along the top of your lash to add glue to your own lash, then place the individual lash on top of that lash. The individual lash is moveable for about 60 seconds after placing it, so feel free to adjust it a bit if needed before it sets.
After you have applied the medium length lashes switch once you get to your pupil to the SHORT length lashes. This will make your lashes look more natural. Keep working from the outside toward the inside of your lash line and do 3-4 at a time each eye at a time so that they look even.
Apply the short lashes as close to your inner eye as possible. Since these lashes are a lot smaller, they can be a bit tricky to attach to your own lashes. Just go as far in as you can. With your tweezers closed, gently press your individual lashes into your lash line to endure that they stick to your own lashes.
Once your lashes are applied, don't add any mascara or eye makeup for a few hours to make sure the lashes set completely. I try hard not to touch them or smooch them when I sleep at night so that they stay nice and curled. In the morning, they may get a bit uneven, so use your mascara wand and gently brush them out with a small curling motion. Make sure you do this on top of your lashes.
Now, you are ready for your day! 

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