Barack Obama sends Scottie Pippen hand written birthday card

Scottie Pippen Says He Was The "LeBron James" Of His Time
Scottie Pippen Says He Was The "LeBron James" Of His Time

Getting some of Barack Obama's time is one thing, but getting a hand written birthday card? You'd have to be pretty special to receive one of those. Scottie Pippen made the cut, Tweeting out a picture of the card Obama sent him for his recent birthday.

Pippen just hit a milestone, turning 50 years old on September 25th. Obama's wishes are a bit delayed, but nonetheless, it's still a cool memento for Pippen to frame and hang with his collection of life achievements that includes an All-Star game MVP and six NBA championship rings. His number has also been retired by the Chicago Bulls.

The letter, put on a special "White House" card, reads: "Scottie — Happy 50th Birthday, brother... hope you are well even if we all lose some vertical at this age!"

Obama isn't that much older than Pippen, currently 54 years of age. Barack is known to be a fan of anything Chicago, and especially a fan of Bulls' basketball. He was in attendance opening night when the Bulls faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is known for making pretty good picks when March Madness rolls around each year.

Pippen played 17 seasons in the NBA, but is best known as a role player in several of the Bulls' championship runs, where they won six titles in eight years. He, of course, was one of Michael Jordan's go-to guys, averaging 19.9 points per game during those eight seasons.

See Pippen throughout his NBA career: