A large order of McDonald's fries costs about $126 in Venezuela

This Is How McDonald's Fries Are Made
This Is How McDonald's Fries Are Made

The good news is McDonald's is finally bringing back fries in Venezuela after getting rid of them last year, according to the AP.

The bad news is the regular will cost about $79 — 500 bolivars — according to the country's strongest exchange rate.

Worse, a large will cost about $126, or 800 bolivars.

The exchange rates were calculated at the time of publication.

Still, at Venezuela's black-market rate, these prices would be $0.64 for the regular and $1.15 for the large,according to Fusion.

But at the black-market exchange rate, Venezuela's minimum wage is only about $13 per month.

So, with those numbers, one large fries would cost nearly 9% of a person's monthly wage.

Venezuela's economy has been in a tough spot for a while now. It has been struggling with rampant inflation, dwindling FX reserves, and lower oil prices.

And analysts haven't been feeling too optimistic about its immediate future.

"Venezuela seems to be going from worse to worse," RBC Capital Markets' Helima Croft wrote earlier this summer.

Those $126 fries are definitely a turn for the worse.

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