This Monopoly board game proposal is one of the most creative things we've ever seen


For 80 years now, the board game Monopoly has taken a hold of our hearts. When Reddit user Justinlebon26 realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend, Michal, he knew he had to be creative.

Knowing that proposing was no game, he decided to make one out of it -- literally. The couple loved playing board games, especially Monopoly. According to ViralNova, the pair even used a handmade board until it fell apart.

What better reason to create a new handmade, personalized board than to propose? The timing was perfect.

Justinlebon26 posted photos documenting his project on Reddit to share his creative process and Christmas Day proposal to Michal.

The Reddit user wrote that he was certain the proposal would come as a surprise:

I knew years ago that Michal was the one, but it was a few months ago I decided I was going to ask Michal to marry me on Christmas morning :) I knew she would never expect it due to carefully planned talks about "finances, and Christmas budgets" that always ended with "we need to start saving more money."

First, he created the cards on Microsoft Excel.

The man mocked up a design and used old redwood from an icebox from the early 1900's.

He had to make sure the colors matched up juuust right.

Each square represented a special moment in the couple's relationship. There was even a square, which is where the two first met!

Here is the finished product.

Then he wrapped it up all nice and neat.

And asked Michal to take a chance on him.

Thankfully, she said yes!

Congratulations to the happy couple! ​

See the entire album below:

Check out this man's huge collection of different Monopoly boards:

See the video below to see another proposal of epic proportions:

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