This cool dad let his 4-year-old daughter give him a 'sweet' strawberry tattoo

4-Year-Old Tattoos Her Dad
4-Year-Old Tattoos Her Dad

When you have a talented daughter and want to display her artwork, what better way to do it that have her do it herself!

That's exactly what one Florida dad did. Bob Bellomo, owns 3rd Eye Tattoo in Largo, Florida, and decided to let his daughter Chloe take a crack at the family business. Bellomo was so proud of his 4-year-old daughter's drawing skills, he wanted her to display her artwork right on her daddy's arm.

Chloe took some time to draw the simple and minimalistic strawberry design, and even practiced holding the tattoo gun to get a feel for it's shape and weight.

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Ultimately, Bellomo guided her through the whole process, but it looks like he might have a little tattoo genius on his hands!

Check out the slideshow below of some awesome celeb tattoos!

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