The best skin care you can find in the drugstore aisle

The best drugstore skincare products

This isn't our first time talking the thrills of the drugstore beauty aisle(s). We've drilled so many beauty editors and makeup editors on their favorite buys and go-to cheap thrills should they find themselves in a Walgreens, we like to think we have a considerable wealth of knowledge on the best buys out there. So, what better to do than compile our picks (and those by editors and Cov-alum alike), by category, for your next impulse purchase to accompany the usual tampons and toilet paper? Over the next few weeks we'll be breaking them down for your buying pleasure; with skin care coming at you first. There's the obvious abundance of Cetaphil & Aquaphor, but also collective fan-girling over a Korean-inspired gel-based Neutrogena moisturizer. Dive in & get shopping.


The best drugstore skincare products

"Always have Neutrogena makeup removal wipes and handy." -- Jimmy Coco, Celebrity Sunless Tanning Expert

"[For skincare], I love my Cetaphil bar." -- Julie Van Daele, Founder, Well-Received

The best drugstore skincare products

"I think my travel essentials would be Neutrogena's Grapefruit face wipes, which I love. I try not to travel with any makeup on because I just think it's better to be able to clean your face as much as possible, and I use those because they're easy to throw in my bag." -- Gigi Hadid, model

"A lot of times I will just wash my face with Cetaphil." -- Bethany Cosentino, Best Coast

"What I use is something called Witch Hazel to cleanse and exfoliate every day. You've got to exfoliate, you know?" -- A$AP Rocky, Rapper

"I start off with brushing away lovely morning breath with Tom's toothpaste, then proceed to wash my face with Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile soap." -- Cipriana Quann, Blogger, Urban Bush Babes

"Used twice a day and/or at the gym, Yes to Tomatoes face wipes will seriously diminish any and all acne problems. People who are less inclined to wash their faces -- men, children -- will be amazed at how good their skin looks, not realizing that much of the reason is that they're simply willing to use the wipes!" -- Jean Godfrey June, Editor-at-Large, Lucky Magazine; Consultant

The best drugstore skincare products

"My new college friends introduced me to Neutrogena makeup wipes and I have never turned back." -- Amber Venz-Box

"For my face, I use Cetaphil." -- Shiona Turini, Consultant

"I always wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser; it's so gentle and never irritates my skin. I use witch hazel as a toner to follow." -- Alana Zimmer, Model

"I try to keep my beauty routine pretty simple so I can keep it quick. I use a Neutrogena cleanser and a Clarisonic brush." -- Nicky Zimmerman, Designer

"I wash with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap. I like the added chill the peppermint gives my skin, makes me feel extra clean." -- Vashtie Kola, Artist, Director, DJ, Designe

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