The air you breathe in the office makes you 'dumber'

The Air You Breathe in the Office Makes You Dumber

If you feel like all your best ideas come when you're not at the office, that may be true.

According to a new study, the office air you're breathing is actually making you "dumber."

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New research reported in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests stuffy offices can diminish your brain power by more than half.

That is, unless you're breathing in environmentally clean air. Filling the office with plants won't do the trick either.

Researchers say we're not our brightest because of poor ventilation, high carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound levels -- or VOCs -- like paint.

24 working professionals were put in an office for six days, where researchers could alter the CO2 and VOC levels. The participants were then asked to take cognition tests.

Researchers found that the scores rose an average of 61% on "Green" days, where VOCs were lower, and 101% higher on "Green+" days, which had low VOCs and a high outdoor ventilation rate.

So make sure to head out of the office on your lunch break! It might be the best idea you have all day.

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