Teddy bear snowsuit saves baby from firework attack


When a young couple was pushing their 9-month-old baby, Charlie, in his stroller, they were reportedly attacked by two men who threw a firework at the family. Although the firework exploded next to the baby, he came out unscathed thanks to his beloved teddy bear snowsuit.

Charlie's mother, Chloe, 19, and her partner, Brandon, also 19, were pushing Charlie in his stroller in Hull Saturday evening when the two strangers launched the firework at the family. Chloe suffered 24 burns and was told that some of them may never fully heal. Brandon also suffered minor burns. Charlie, however, was sporting a thick teddy bear snowsuit. While the suit got burned, Charlie was unharmed. Chloe said:

"We saw some people playing around with fireworks. We didn't know what was happening at first. Then all of a sudden it came shooting towards us. We didn't have time to move out of the way - it just happened so fast. My legs were burning and I ran into the road in tears, screaming. It all went so fast. My immediate thought was Charlie. How can someone target a firework at a family pushing a pram?"

Fortunately, the flames from the firework only burned Charlie's snowsuit, leaving the sweet young boy unharmed. Chloe said:

"The paramedics took his suit off to make sure it hadn't gone through. They were obviously very shocked because the suit had saved him. Doctors said it practically saved his life. I was going to put Charlie in some jeans and a T-shirt, but my partner said to put him in the snowsuit instead. I'm glad we changed his outfit because it could have been a lot worse."

Brandon and Chloe are both temporarily deaf in one ear due to the loud noise of the explosion. After the two men attacked the family, Brandon reportedly crossed the road to confront them. Brandon said that the men threatened to burn the family's house down. Police are investigating the incident.

Watch this video to see how a toy saved a little girl's life:

Minions Toy Saves Life of 5-Year-Old Girl Who Fell From Window
Minions Toy Saves Life of 5-Year-Old Girl Who Fell From Window

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